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Watson’s Tin Box

Watson’s Tin Box

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Watson’s Tin Box of Ellicott City

WEBSITE: http://www.watsonstinbox.org/


MEETING DAY: Generally the last Monday of each month, but can change due to holidays or scheduling issues.  The January meeting is called The Mycroft and is generally held on a Saturday. The January meeting are generally held at a different venue.

MEETING TIME: Meetings start promptly at 7 p.m.



Houlihan’s (Columbia/Elkridge)

8240 Gateway Overlook Drive, Columbia/Elkridge, MD 21075

(410) 782-6016

Across from Best Buy & Lowe’s off Route 175


GASOGENE: Laura Duncombe – the current Gasogene can be contacted via email by clicking here.

RESERVATIONS: Reservations are required and are generally needed 72 hours before the meeting and can be made by emailing the Gasogene (see link above) or RSVPing on the group’s Facebook page. Pick one or the other; if you do both, you end up being counted twice!

COSTS: Attendees order dinner off a special menu developed for the group by the restaurant. The dinner price has been running around $25 and is collected after dinner by the Commissionaire. Please bring small bills to facilitate (cash) payment at the close of the meeting. Alcoholic beverages can be ordered and attendees run a separate tab paid to your server.

MEMBERSHIP INFORMATION: Attendees are considered as becoming members of Watson’s Tin Box when they attend their second meeting. After all, attending your first meeting might have been a mistake, but attending two meetings is not. There are no membership dues or other processes to complete to join.

MEETING FORMAT: Meetings start with a toast to “The Woman.” Additional toasts are then offered on a topic chosen by the Gasogene and followed by various news items and announcements.  Each month, one of the 60 stories is chosen for a discussion.  This discussion is aided by showing items from the “evidence boxes,” showing genuine and genuine faux reproductions of items mentioned in the story. After dinner, there is a presentation and a quiz, with prizes awarded .

Attendees range in age from their early 20’s to senior citizens, with interests ranging from the original stories in The Canon, pastiches and fan fiction, cosplay to BBC’s Sherlock. At times there are lively discussions and at other times attendees are on their smartphones scrolling on Twitter and/or Facebook, paying no attention to what is happening in the meeting.