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Welcome to!


Welcome to! We hope to be your one-stop resource for meetings and other events celebrating Sherlock Holmes that take place in the state of Maryland.

This website is launching August 15, 2015 and we will be updating the site during the month to list all meetings and events that have been announced to date. We have entered all known events through June 2016 into the calendar on the right side of this page. Right now, there may appear to be minimal information, but as the month progresses, we will add more information (as available) to the entries. Expect us to work on the August and September event information first and work our way to June 2016.

We’ll have information here about the five different Sherlock Holmes clubs that meet throughout Maryland.  Special events and classes offered by local colleges will also be covered on our site.

From our menu bar, there are pull down menus allowing you to search for events in various towns or by type of event. Below the calendar, on the right side, are tags for the most popular topics of posts.  Above the calendar is a search engine tool that will allow you to search for any term on this website.

This website is not meant to take the place of any websites that these various organizations may already have in place, but to supplement their efforts.  We recommend that you always verify any information published here with the websites of the various groups, just to be safe.

Thanks for visiting our website and remember that the Game is On!