The Six Napoleons

The Six Napoleons

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The Six Napoleons of Baltimore



MEETING DAY: Generally the second Wednesday of the month, but can change due to scheduling issues.  Meetings are held in March, June, September and December

MEETING TIME: Meetings start at 6 p.m.


squires Squire’s Italian Restaurant

6723 Holabird Avenue. Baltimore, MD  21222

(410) 288-0081



RESERVATIONS: Reservations are required and are generally needed the Saturday before the meeting and can be made by emailing the Harker.

ATTENDEE INFORMATION: The Six Napoleons is a private club and attendance is limited to members and invited guests. To inquire about an invitation, please click HERE.

COSTS: Attendees order dinner off the restaurant’s menu. Alcoholic beverages can also be ordered and attendee’s tabs are paid directly to your server. The December meeting is usually a buffet dinner and must be prepaid to the Harker when making a reservation.

MEMBERSHIP INFORMATION: Attendees are considered as Neophytes until they undergo a test of Sherlockian knowledge that is called The Inquisition. This generally takes place at the attendee’s third meeting. To date, no one has never not passed The Inquisition.  After passing The Inquisition, the individual is now considered a Postulant member. A Postulant member must then give a presentation or read a paper in order to become a full fledged Napoleon. There are no membership dues. Again, at this time, membership is limited to men only.

MEETING FORMAT: Meetings feature toasts to “The Woman,” Mycroft Holmes, Mrs. Hudson, the second Mrs. Watson and a final toast to a character in the story being discussed that night. Other features of the meeting includes the reading of Interim Correspondence, updates on Sherlockian related news items and an educational presentation.  After dinner, there is a discussion of the evening’s story and a quiz.

The attendance at meetings skews towards a much older audience than other scions in the Baltimore area. Participation in the quizzes, more often than not, is very lackluster.

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